Corsican Rose Wine 'Abbatucci' Faustine Reaches the American Shores

From time to time I stumble upon Corsican wines that sound too good to miss, amongst them some tasty Rosé wines.

Unfortunately many of them do not reach the American shores.

I was happy to read that Kermit Lynch imports the Abbatucci Faustine Rosé by Domaine Comte Abbatucci. It is a blend of 70% Sciaccarellu, 30% Barbarossa, biodynamic too.

Faustine is one of the 3 lines offered by Domaine Abbatucci.


I have not tasted it. NY distributor IPO Wines describes it as "light in color, red fruits, bright and fresh with hints of apricots and peach."

Wine retails around $30.

To learn more about this producer read Portrait of a wine producer: Jean Charles Abbatucci, Corsica (Marion's Blog, June 2010).

I mentioned Domaine de Gioielli, another Corsican producer, in Is Corsica the Up and Coming Wine Region of 2010 (December 2009).

Looking for more wine inspiration at attractive prices, check An Eclectic Selection Of New Wines (June 16) by John Tilson for The Underground Wine Letter.

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