The Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Eat, Drink, Sleep Upstairs

Whether in New York, Paris or London, as Spring comes around, city dwellers get the itch to escape the city for the day or the whole week-end.

One of them is London Eater who took a break from the London hubbub to visit The Hand and Flowers in Marlow on the last Monday of May.

It was a Lunch outing only, he told me.

Adding to The Hand and Flowers charm and location is the fact that they offer accomodations for diners.


Four suites named Angus, Dexter, Charolais, Limousin keep the cattle theme.

Until today I was not familiar with Dexter Cattle which some say is 18% lower in cholesterol than other breeds.

Getting back to the accommodations they have real character with amenities like copper bath (below) in Limousin suite.


Tom and Beth Kerridge opened The Hand and Flowers in March 2005, the same month this site got started.

This culinary haven (check menu) is only 20 miles from London and can be reached both by car and train.


Perfect for a day trip.

(* All photos from The Hands and Flowers website)

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