Newspaper Fish for Dinner, Mackerel, Trout, Recipe from Scandinavian Kitchen Cookbook

For all those who ignored Scandinavian food, Noma has put it on the map.

Rene Redzepi is of course not the only one.

A wonderful example of how to use the local bounty is The Scandinavian Kitchen (Kyle Books, 2011) by Camilla Plum.

Using 100 essential ingredients the book offers 200 authentic recipes.

Today, I chose to share a very short one.

Instead of Fish en Papillotte, pick a Mackerel, a Trout, go through the newspaper pile and put together this Newspaper fish for dinner.

Newspaper fish 1

Newspaper fish

You can try this recipe with a whole herring, mackerel, or a good-sized perch, trout, or white fish, as long as it is very fresh. There is no need to scale the fish for this recipe, as you will not be eating the skin anyway. Fill the cavity of the fish with herbs and a piece of butter, then close the cavity with a twig. Salt the fish rather heavily on the outside, add a few pats of butter, and wrap it in several pages and layers of wet newspaper. Close the package with twine. Put the package directly on glowing embers, and let it burn until there is only a single layer of newspaper left, by which time the fish will be done and delicious. Unwrap and eat, preferably with your fingers.

Short and to the point

(* Recipe reproduced courtesy of Kyle Books, all rights reserved, Photo by Anne-Li Engstrom)

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