5 Craft Beers of Pacific Northwest Paired with 5 Sweet to Spicy Recipes by Beer Goddess

It's been hot and sticky in New York area over past few days.

It calls for beer to go with some of the recipes I shared recently.

At Book Expo America, I was the lucky recipient of a copy of Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest (Timber Press, April 2011) by The Beer Goddess aka Lisa M. Morrison.

I thought she was the perfect person to ask for suggestions to pair 5 recipes from 5 cookbooks.

Here are The Beer Goddess 5 pairings:

- To start with Vegetable Curry Recipe from 'Homemade'.


Maritime Pacific Portage Bay Pilsener (Seattle) -- a northern European-style lager with a crisp, clean finish and enough hops to stand up to the spicy curry.

-Dessert please: Peach Coffee Cake Recipe from Maine Classics

Cannery Brewing Maple Stout (Penticton, BC) -- Dark coffee, maple and vanilla cream flavors in this beer will help to accentuate the peaches and brown sugar without being too cloying.

-Taste of Italy with Rabbit in Porchetta from 'Tuscany'


Cascade Apricot Ale (Portland, Ore.) -- Tart and highly carbonated to keep the fat from this dish in check, the apricots (more on the tart than sweet side) add a nice fruity balance to the dish.

-Off to Northern Europe and Newspaper Fish from 'Scandinavian Kitchen Cookbook'


Fort George 1811 Lager (Astoria, Ore.) -- brewed in honor of Astoria, Ore.'s bicentennial, this crisp, pre-prohibition-style lager honors the region's Scandinavian settlers -- perfect for this Scandinavian dish!

-Back to spicy to round up selection with Ultimate Sriracha Burger from 'Sriracha Cookbook'

Silver City Whoop Pass Double IPA (Silverdale, Wash.) -- A nice, well-balanced DIPA with hints of oranges and bready notes that would marry nicely with the spiciness in the burger.

Besides her new book and blog, Lisa is also the host of Beer O'Clock: the show for people who love great beer...

Thanks Lisa for jumping in with these 5 pairings on short notice.

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