Stand by Beaujolais, Curry and Carmenere, Open London Wine Fair on May 17

They have not yet started to pour a glass of Beaujolais Village to airline passengers on stand by even though it might calm some frazzled nerves.

What I allude to here with Strand by Beaujolais is one of the regional options offered on first day of London International Wine Fair (May 17-19, 2011).

I also noted in must check list Curry Favour with Carmenere at Chile Pavillion which illustrates how Carmenere can be a good fit with spicy foods.

A visit to Wines of Lebanon is also needed.


As for twin exhibit Distill covering spirits, it should call for a couple hours time.

As I write this, my presence at London International Wine Fair is still with a question mark.

Waiting to hear from my travel sponsors.

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