RIP Poly Styrene, 53, As You Stated 'Que Sera Sera'

I posted news of the passing of Poly Styrene at age 53 after a battle with breast cancer on a media list I belong to and someone got message truncated and thought I was mentioning Phoebe Snow who also passed away (age 58).

Lady who got that truncated message had no clue who Poly Styrene was.

Call her a punk icon if you will circa 'Oh Bondage up Yours'.

She made girls wearing braces look cool.

She had attitude, brains and soul.

Since I passed the 50 years mark, it always feel odd when someone who was part of your world when you were growing up passes away while younger than you.

Leaves a whiff of sadness behind and a sense that life is too short not to be lived.

Generation indigo

Poly Styrene latest album Generation Indigo produced by Youth (Killing Joke) was released late March 2011.

Rest in peace, Poly!

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