My Contribution to Earth Month, I will Carpool to Hospice du Rhone on April 28

I did not buy carbon credits for my round trip flight from New York JFK to San Francisco.

As a way to make up for it, I will be car pooling with a couple of other French speaking attendees on my way to Paso Robles for Hospice du Rhone on Thursday, April 28.

Since winemaker Herve Bizeuil should be one of them, I might have a chance to do my first interview in a car.

Maybe it's the best place to conduct an interview as the other party does not have the chance to escape (evade) your questions.


A more creative expression for Earth Day 2011 is Litter Critters on The Loose where Philadelphia takes out the trash in style on April 27 (from 4 to 5 PM)...

(* Litter critters image from Mural Arts program pages)

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