100 San Francisco Bike to Work Banner Messenger Bags, Get 1 before May 12

With all the preparations before my flight to San Francisco for Hospice du Rhone on Thursday, I thought I had missed Bike to Work Day 2011 when message from Timbuk 2 rolled in announcing their limited edition San Francisco Bike to Work Banner Messenger bag.

Only 100 were made from recycled banners from previous events.

Off the $100 price tag, $50 goes to the San Francisco Bike Coalition.


I did not miss Bike to Work Day 2011 by the way.

In San Francisco, Bike to Work Day 2011 is on Thursday, May 12.

Check Program for Details.

I could use a bag for my new laptop.

Should I collect banners from Hospice du Rhone 2011 on Sunday morning and drop them at Timbuk 2 door before boarding my return flight for my own special edition carry on?

One can dream.

P.S: I don't know if it's a coincidence with May being National Bike Month in the U.S yet I have noticed a number of bicycle themed books in the upcoming titles list of various publishers.

(* For full disclosure, I don't own a Timbuk 2 bag, this is not an ad, just a nod to a neat creation)

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