South Park Inspired Masterpieces, Cartman Kaiju Death, Opera Gallery, New York

It rarely happens to me, yesterday between an afternoon New Zealand Wine Tasting and an early evening Rum by the Dozen event presented by at , I had an hour plus to kill.

So I took a leisurely walk with some stops and a few snapshots taken along the way.

Seeing a South Park inspired Art Exhibit at Opera Gallery piqued my interest.

I walked in, took it all in, did not ask for prices, wondering all along where these pieces will land, museums, private homes?

With all the bleak news coming from Japan, the Japan tinged Cartman Kaiju Death by Trustocorp (a New York duo I was told) felt like one to share even with its sarcastic humor which I guess appealed to the Frenchman in me.

The piece is quite large so I could not capture it all.


Eric from the gallery staff told me the 'South Park' inspired exhibit opened on March 27, 2011.

Not sure when it ends!

Pop in if you are in the neighborhood.

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