Lufthansa News Flash on Introducing Green Sugarcane Food Trays, News or Not?

Like many others, I get my daily dose of Twitter Updates from @Luftansa_USA

Today they shared news that their unit Sky Chefs was (I quote) 'developing tableware made from 100% biodegradable sugar cane'.

Details were offered in On-Route to a Greener Flight

I am sensitive to these issues of packaging and waste yet I am no expert in the field so I went looking for bits of information on Sugarcane based food packaging and serving solutions.

I learned that these types of product have been on the market for 2 or 3 years.

Pros and cons of one line (by a company named GeoTegrity) of Sugarcane based Bowls and Trays are listed by Greener Package, a 'knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging'.


These green goods are made from sugarcane fiber and then molded, they are renewable, compostable, can be customized...made in China.

Not sure is there are any US or European makers of such products.

Even if they are not first users, i give credit to Sky Chefs for looking at ways to be greener.

Next time you and I purchase take-out food, prepared meals, meats, let's ask the restaurant or store if their packaging is compostable. If not we can nudge them to change.

(* Image above, GeoTegrity line)

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