Full of Life, Generous, Domaine Brazilier, Coteaux du Vendomois Rouge 09

Call it a lingering post, story, thought.

A couple months ago, I received some wines to sample.

One of them came from an appellation I was not familiar with, AOC Coteaux du Vendomois.

It is a relatively new Loire Wines AOC, recognized only in 2000.

What I know is as soon as I opened the bottle I was conquered by its aromas.

First sip confirmed my first impressions.


This Rouge 2009 Tradition from Domaine Brazilier is generous.

This blend of Pineau d'Aunis, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir is fruit forward, full of life yet balanced.

Winemaker suggests cheese or grilled tuna as perfect pairings.

Buy 2 if you can find it.

(* Domaine Brazilier site is in French only)

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