Cook the Books Contest for World Book Night, March 5th, Win 3 Books at Once

Doing my tour of the international media this Friday morning, a Great Books Giveaway was in The Guardian headlines.

Under the World Book Night banner, 'a million books will be given away across the UK in the first ever World Book Night' writes The Guardian, all that with talks of austerity and library closures in the background.

The idea excited me enough to think of creating a modest American extension and to turn my usual One Book Contest into something larger. Why should the Brits have all the fun.

I settled on the number 3, meaning each prize would include 3 cookbooks.

With that decided, I shared my idea with the 10 or so publishers I collaborate with frequently.

I asked each willing to participate to offer 3 books of their choice.


5 publishers have agreed to participate. Not bad for a short notice idea.

You will find a mix of favorites, new titles and soon to be published ones on a variety of cooking topics hence the 'Cook the Books Contest' theme.

I announced each book trio separately.

The 5 batches are:

-Comfort Food Trio, Cook the Books Contest Part 1

-1 Classic, 2 Sneak Previews, Cook the Books Contest Part 2

-Manage Your Kitchen Habits, Cook the Books Contest Part 3

-Italian Trio, Cook the Books Contest Part 4

-Fresh Out of Publisher's Oven, Cook the Books Part 5

How can you try your luck?

Since the theme of World Book Night is all about reading and writing, each participant will send a poem, a recipe, some prose related to one of the trios of books, 5 lines maximum.

On Monday, once the dust settles, we will go through all the entries.

The best entry will get first pick, second will pick from remaining four trios and so on for remaining three.

All entries must be submitted by 6 PM on Monday, March 7, 2011 (US Eastern Time).

E-mail your best effort to info [at] njconcierges [dot] com

This contest is limited to US readers

If you won anything from us in past 30 days, let others try their luck.

Sharpen your pencils and your ideas.

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