Greek Wines Second Annual US Road Show by Athenee, March 7 to March 9

A last minute emergency prevented me from attending the first edition of Athenee Importers Road Show so I have every intention to make up for it by being there for their stop in New York at Del Posto on March 8, 2011.

Following producers will be present:

Argyros Estate, Cavino S.A,  GAI'A S.A, Gentilini Winery, Emery Winery, Estate Hatzi Michalis, Chateau Harlaftis and Chateau Mercouri

I don't believe I had a chance to taste any of them yet so it will be a complete discovery.

I signed up for the morning seminar to learn a bit about some known unknowns.

Notios White front 2010

The other two stops on this roadshow are Boston on March 7 and Chicago on March 8.

There is a whiff of the Mediterranean in the air already.

This roadshow is reserved to Trade and Media.

You can discover some of the producers and their wines like the Gaia Notios White 2010 on the Athenee Importers blog.

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