Birds and Bees, Sexual Nature Exhibit opens at Natural History Museum, London, February 11

Did the minds and bodies behind Sexual Nature exhibit at Natural History Museum in London time the opening on February 11 to get the buzz (and/or the hormones) going in the run up to Valentines Day 2011?


At least it seems they are getting some attention, even in France. I found out about the exhibit via Liberation, the French daily.

UK celebrities from TV presenter Jameela Jamil  (I din't have a clue who she was until today) to Ronnie Wood were given a pre-opening tour.

Program's introduction:

"Anything goes in the animal kingdom, so leave your preconceptions at the door and undress the science of sex in this stimulating exhibition.

Explore sexual selection and different mating systems as you encounter fascinating Museum specimens, live creatures and witness dramatic BBC wildlife footage and other revealing films. The exhibition contains specimens and specially commissioned exhibits that have never been on public display before."

Exhibit is open daily from 10 AM to 5:50 PM from February 11 to October 2, 2011.

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