2011 Oscars, King's Speech Calls For Amarone, Dry Sherry or Nyetimber Classic Cuvee Brut?

Writing the Director's Piece on Cahiers du Cinema Paperback Profiles got me thinking which wines would pair well with the movies nominated for Oscars 2011 so I put the question out.

Here is some feedback i received with Kings Speech stealing the show.

Elisabetta shares her Italian perspective:

"IMHO, The King's Speech is an "important" film which needs an important wine. I think to Amarone della Valpolicella "Monte Lodoletta" 2007 Dal Forno, or Brunello di Montalcino 2007 "Madonna delle Grazie" Alessandro Mori (sorry, I'm Italian, so my first thoughts are for Italian wines!). However, I would like to see Colin Firth celebrating with an English sparkling wine: Classic Cuvée 2003 from Nyetimber , for example."


Angela sees it as a chance to showcase British bubbly and a taste for Sherry:

'"For the Real King, I think it would be a dry sherry. Valdespino Innocente Fino would be my commendation. For Colin Firth, oh yes, definitely an English Sparkling - apart from Nyetember perhaps Ridgeview Bloomsbury or Camel Valley ..."


Beer and Tequila might be a better fit for The Social Network.

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