I'm so Excited Says Sanura, Winner of 'Salted' by Mark Bitterman

We have a winner for our latest contest on Salted (Ten Speed Press) by Mark Bitterman (not to confuse with Mark Bittman).

Sanura blogs at My Life Runs on Food and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

She writes about food and recipes that are sweet, savory, buttery, green, healthy and now with the addition of 'Salted', salty.

She heard about the contest via Twitter. Find us there as @theconcierge

She craved this book because salt is the basic culinary ingredient in every kitchen.

Sajji citrine salt

Olive oil is another topic Sanura would like us to cover. She keeps hearing from people who travel, there are more varieties than what is offered in the U.S.

I will have to think of a few oil soaked stories.

Thanks to Ten Speed Press for contributing a copy of 'Salted' for this contest.

(* Illustration is photo of 'Sajji Citrine Salt' from Pakistan shared by Mark Bitterman on his Facebook album...Mark writes that "he is still learning about this baby, but it seems to be asking for nothing better than a spit fired goat or camel to cook it on. Got lots of it though, in fine, coarse, and large rock sizes"...Want to give it a try, visit his shops )

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