Temptation, Chocolate Festival London, Southbank Center, December 10 to 12

Hopefully neither inclement weather nor street protests will prevent any of the 40 or so British Exhibitors and a few Australians announced for  Chocolate Festival in London to show up at Southbank Center, their home for 3 days (December 10 to 12).

Yael rose

With an host who loves temptation like Yael Rose, the organizer (above), event has to be good.

If I had the chance to be in London, I would definitely stop by Bean and Pod stand, all about truffles, from Devon.

Not from Montelimar, from Australia we get Nougat Limar whose name leaves no doubt as to where they found their inspiration.

After spending summers near the Spanish border, I came to like Churros, a guilty pleasure. Churros Garcia from Shepperton, Middlesex, serves them with chocolate, double dip.

Marrying quality beans with Italian elegance and taste is Baruzzo, hand-crafted chocolates.

I will let you explore the other 30 plus chocolatiers present for the week-end at Southbank Center for  Chocolate Festival London 2010.

A bit late for Friday so I will share opening hours for Saturday and Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM.

Best of All, EVENT IS FREE


Thanks to William Curley who will be offering delights above for letting us know. Make sure you pay him a visit.

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