Taste Napa Valley and Vino 2011, NY Wine Calendar Starts with a Bang in January

It's not even mid December and my Calendar of Wine Events for 2011 starts filling up.

2 main New York attractions in January will be Taste Napa Valley on January 19 which offers both a Trade Tasting in the afternoon and a Consumer Event in the evening.

More than 70 winemakers will be present.

From January 24 to January 26, Vino 2011 brings hundreds of Italian wines and winemakers to the big apple.

It will I am sure be big and generous as the 2010 Edition was.


Vino 2011 will do its part to contribute to celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification (1861-2011).

Vino 2011 is a Trade and Media event only.

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