Soba Making Class with Chef Kotani, Japanese Culinary Center, NY, Dec.20

Need a break from holiday shopping and planning, how does a Soba Making Class with Chef Shuichi Kotani at Japanese Culinary Center in New York sounds?

The program notes offers some reasons why Soba noodles should have a place in our meals:

"As the end of the year draws near, even those who do not normally eat soba(蕎麦)will find themselves seeking it out because of ancient customs that state that we cannot finish out the outgoing year without eating soba. It is thought that soba brings good luck, family fortune, and longevity. All this is based off of soba being physically long!"


What you will learn in this class:

"You will see the true authentic art of Soba making from start to finish, by Master Soba Chef Shuichi Kotani of Soba Totto. He will show us the entire process of kneading, rolling, folding, cutting, lining up, and also cooking Kamo-Seiro (Duck meat and scallion dipping sauce).

You will also get 2 portions of Chef Kotani’s Nama-Soba (fresh soba) to take home with you!"

This soba making demo takes place on December 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Since class is limited to 16 people, it might be sold out by the time you read this.

The Japanese Culinary Center in New York hosts classes and food related events all year long.

5 steps to handmade Soba for Tokyo Thursdays # 169


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(*image of Chef Kotani from program page)

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