Seeing is Believing, Experimental Cocktail Club London now Open in Chinatown

The dynamic trio which turned Experimental Cocktail Club into one of the top bars in Paris crossed the Channel.


Paint is still fresh on the walls of Experimental Cocktail Club London located at 13A Gerrard Street in Chinatown.


Bohemian chic, baroque bar, I will let you choose the best adjectives for 3 snapshots Romee De Goriainoff just sent me.

Experimental Cocktail Club is opened Monday through Saturday from 6 PM to 3 PM (closed on Sundays).


Perfect hours for nightbirds like Grace Jones.

I wonder what the soundtrack to an evening at Experimental Cocktail Club will sound like in London?

The paucity of details is just enough to make you wanna put to test the adage 'seeing is believing'.

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