Pretty Vacant, Food Photography, Images Without Soul?

We often think of models as a twisted image of perfection.

Looking at a number of food sites today, I was left wondering, is there a heart beating?

Perfect plates, ingredients, light, angle, all were on display.

Did we fall in the trap of food as object rather than desire?

Pretty vacant

There is something to say for imperfections, sharp angles, unexpected twists.

I don't mean to say that all food photography is vacuous, an unhealthy portion of might be.

This is not meant to cover the poor state of my own pics which could use some improvement, do forgive me.

Show some emotion as Joan Armatrading's song of the same name suggests.

(* illustration is a photo taken on tour by the band Mum, i don't have a clue what they sound like, in Swift Current, between Winnipeg and Vancouver, shared on November 6, 2009)

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