Pollack becomes Colin, Sells Likes Fishcakes, Affordable Sustainable Fish

In my conversation with Fishmonger Bart Van Olphen around his book Fish Tales (Kyle Books), I wondered if some species were neglected by customers because they were perceived as cheap (= bad).

There are echoes of that concern in Fish industry next target for celebrity chefs' campaign (Guardian, December 23).

The article mentions that "Shoppers could also consider more sustainable, good white fish alternatives to cod such as pollack, coley and pouting. In 2009 Sainsbury's relaunched unfashionable pollack – cheaper than cod but once deemed fit only for the cat – as "colin", after which sales soared."

The rest of the piece highlights efforts by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall alongside Jamie Oliver, Ricky Gervais and others though Fish Fight to stop waste in the North Sea catch.


They state that "half of all the fish caught in the North Sea is actually thrown back in the water, dead."

What a waste as Ian Dury once sang.

Tuesday at sea for Green Day # 158

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