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Wine Cork Christmas Wreath by Divino Scrivere, Made in Italy

Dec 23
My Italian is too weak to be sure that Divino Scrivere created this Wine Cork Christmas Wreath. They did share it. Some give Legos a second life as jewelry, why not repurpose wine corks. I discovered some related artifacts on Amazon but they pale in comparison to the Italian creation. Want to try your hand at it with something more basic, instructions available thanks to Erin Huffstetler How to Make a Wine Cork Wreath (Frugal...
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36 Hour Seafood Sale Marathon at Sydney Fish Market for Christmas

Dec 23
Seafood lovers in Sydney will have no excuse for not getting their favorite fish or shellfish on the Christmas table. There is a 36 hour seafood sale marathon going on at Sydney Fish Market. Here is the program "To ensure everyone has the opportunity to secure the freshest seafood for Christmas, SFM has extended its retail trading in the lead up to Christmas. From 5am Thursday, December 23 right through until 5pm Friday, December 24,...