King of Pate en Croute, Eric Metivier of Lenotre Crowned at Institut Paul Bocuse

The Championnat du Monde du Pâté Croûte 2010 (Pate en Croute World Cup 2010) crowned Eric Metivier from Lenotre as King of Pate en Croute. Event took place at Institut Paul Bocuse on December 6, 2010.

In 2009, Eric Metivier's reinvented  Pâté en Croûte for Lenotre by using 7 flours and 7 Stuffings to create the perfect square. His work earned him the Prix de la Confrérie du Pâté Croûte.

The 47 year old charcutier has worked at Lenotre for 31 years.

For the 2010 competition, he started with a 'nose to tail' approach, using everything in the pig from ears to feet, blood to liver mousse.

His creation encompassed all aspects of pâté en croûte, from the shape of it tempting the gourmet, to its look once sliced and plated without forgetting the taste of it.


The other winners in 2010 are:

6ème Sens Prize : Jean-Michel Carrette – Aux Terrasses Restaurant (Tournus)

Bernollin/Orosa Prize : Alexandre Decruz – La Cour Des Loges (Lyon).

Prix de la Confrérie du Pâté Croûte : Olivier Canal – Les Oliviers (Lyon).

Want to make a Pate en Croute, check this Duck and Rabbit version, Pâté en Croûte d’Amiens by We Are Never Full (October 26, 2010).

Thanks to French food site Omnivore for putting this event on my radar.

(* Event photo by Lyon People, Eric in the middle, Alexandre to his right)

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