Heartthrob Baker Gontran Cherrier Opens His First Shop in Paris

In France, if Yves-Marie Le Boudonnec is the maverick butcher, Gontran Cherrier could qualify as the heartthrob baker.

Gontran was born and raised in a family of boulangers.

He just opened the first Gontran Cherrier Bakery in Paris.


Gontran invites us to "pay him a visit and taste life's each and every moment with the breads of our dreams" like the Panettone with orange zest, lemon essence, raisins and bergamot (above).

The shop also offers sweet and savory tarts such as an Onion, Comte cheese and Thyme tart.

As for the decor, it blends ceramic titles, oak wood and mirrors.

Gontran Cherrier Bakery is located 22 rue Caulaincourt - 75018 Paris.

Opening hours:  7:30 AM to 8:30 PM (Tuesday through Saturday),

7:30 AM à 7:30 PM (Sunday)

Closed on Wednesday all day

His latest book Pain ('bread') has received many awards.

An English version of Pain is in the works.

I will have to wait until my next visit to France to visit the shop for a tasting session.

(* Unless I am mistaken, photos copyright Marie Taillefer)

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