Cork Campaign Screws Up by Pushing Too Hard?

I don't know what soundtrack if any the 100 Percent Cork campaign is using but one song their approach brings to mind is Pushing Too Hard (The Seeds).

I had noticed the 'natural cork' pushback againgst screwtops without paying much attention until I read Cork Producers Hit a New Low by Insulting Women and Wine Drinkers by Alder on Vinography.

He illustrates the case with a couple videos.

I will only quote the latest prose on 100% Cork News:

"Beware the Holiday Party Faux Pas: 
Wine Topped with Artificial Stoppers
Office Worker’s Career Nearly Dashed by Failure to Choose Natural Cork

December 15, 2010—Her career looked so promising until she committed the ultimate yuletide faux pas: showing up at the annual company holiday party with a bottle of wine – dare we say it?!—sealed with an artificial stopper."

If there is a Fake Anything, the excerpt above from Press Release: Office Worker’s Career Nearly Dashed by Failure to Choose Natural Cork (December 15) looks every bit the part of a Fake Press Release.

Like anything else, there are bad bottles, bad wines and bad corks, good ones too.

On a practical note, they fail to acknowledge that many wine drinkers are not that comfortable 'popping' a cork out of a bottle. Screwtops take the stress out of it.


I don't disagree with the questions they raise on sustainability, recycling and so forth nicely spelled in posters like the one above. I just think part of their approach is heavy handed and counterproductive.

I commend cork recycling efforts.

Any thought on this?

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