8 Little Breads, 4 Flavors in 1 Holiday Wreath by Gontran Cherrier

8 breads, 4 flavors in 1 Holiday Bread Wreath ('Une Couronne') by Gontran Cherrier offers an adventure in taste.


The wreath is composed of 8 little breads in 4 flavors, one for each moment of the holiday feast. Curry and cereals goes with foie gras, chickpea and lemon pairs well with fish or oysters, traditional for meats and chestnut bread (popular in Corsica) with cheese.

On sale at Gontran Cherrier first and new Parisian bakery until January 2, 2011.

If you can't manage a trip to Paris to pick a couple of these, let me share 2 Holiday Bread Wreath recipes you might want to try at home.

First one is a Step by Step Guide (December 2008) from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Can it really be done that quick? I wonder.

Second comes Courtesy of Helen at Grab Your Fork (December 27).

(* Photographie copyrights Marie Taillefer)

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