4 Slices of Loire, Watching Loire River Flow with Jean-Francois Souchard images

Jean-Francois Souchard does not name his site Images de Loire for nothing.

His canvas is the life that thrives along the Loire River.

Here are 4 slices of the Loire down on the ground and up in the sky.

First, in the Batellerie series, traditional river boats with city of Blois in the background.


Then, night vision with the Pont de Langeais


We get up in the sky with Vouvray vineyards seen from a Montgolfiere...


Fourth, back to the Batellerie series, 'futreaux' boats at daybreak, village of Bréhémont


Hope you enjoyed the escursion.

We discovered Images de Loire thanks to his friends Les Loges de la Folie, Loire winemakers.

(* All images copyright Jean-Francois Souchard, used by permission of the author)

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