36 Hour Seafood Sale Marathon at Sydney Fish Market for Christmas

Seafood lovers in Sydney will have no excuse for not getting their favorite fish or shellfish on the Christmas table.

There is a 36 hour seafood sale marathon going on at Sydney Fish Market.

Here is the program

"To ensure everyone has the opportunity to secure the freshest seafood for Christmas, SFM has extended its retail trading in the lead up to Christmas.

From 5am Thursday, December 23 right through until 5pm Friday, December 24, shoppers will have the chance to snap up a freshly caught Christmas bargain.

SFM boasts six seafood retailers on site as well as a gift shop, deli, fruit & veg, bottle shop, bakery, and florist. "

I like the term bottle shop for I guess wine shop.


It is already 8 AM on Friday in Sydney as I am writing this so locals have 9 hours left to stock up on seafood at the Sydney Fish Market.

Some facts:

  • This year will mark the fifteenth anniversary of the 36-Hour trade
  • During the 2010 event, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) expects to sell over 900 tonnes of seafood. That’s almost 10 per cent of the SFM total trade for the year.
  • The most popular seafood items for Christmas 2010 will include Prawns and Oysters with the following quantities predicted to be sold:

180 tonnes of Prawns = the equivalent weight of 144 Holden Astra cars. Approximately 83kg of prawns will be purchased each minute.

1.6 million Oysters = almost 1,000 oysters purchased per minute.

  • Approximately 100,000 people are expected to visit Sydney Fish Market during the 36-hour trade


Impressive isn't it.

Do you know of any other cities having similar seafood sale marathons?

Find out more about Sydney with our upcoming 10 do's and don'ts on Saturday, December 25.

(* Photos from Sydney Fish Market '36 Hour Trade 2010' album on Facebook)

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