1976 to Now, How Wine Became Modern, SFMOMA, Until April 17, 2011

Wine as art form, wine inspired art.

Opened on November 20, 2010, How Wine Became Modern by SFMOMA looks at the intersection of art, epicurean pleasures and commerce.

Subtitled Design + Wine, 1976 to Now it lays claim to be the first exhibition of its kind.

A short outline on this event:

"Developed in collaboration with the New York architecture studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the exhibition features historical artifacts, architectural models, multimedia installations, newly commissioned artworks, and even a "smell wall" to provide a richly textured experience in the galleries. Come discover how important cultural preoccupations of our day, such as the meaning of "place" and "authenticity" in our increasingly global and virtual world, play out at this uniquely fertile intersection of nature and culture."

Not surprised to see that 'Drops of God' is part of How Wine Became Modern.


Each ticket purchased gives you access to bonus wine related activities such as a "one-day ticket to the Russian River Wine Road ($25 value), including free tastings ($5 - $20 value) at over 50 wineries" and "complimentary cheese and wine pairings" at Dutton Estate Winery in Sebastopol... 

I wish I could experience the "smell wall" (below).


The event runs at SFMOMA in San Francisco until April 17, 2011.

(* photos of 'smell wall' and  Etienne Meneau, Carafe No. 5, 2008, fabricated 2009 courtesy of SFMOMA)

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