Yurt Inspires Tibet-Mongolian Themed Dinner, Underground Restaurant, London, November 20

Chefs and serious amateur foodies can be inspired by landscapes, paintings, scents, memories and many other things when creating a dish or a meal

Nomadic life, Tibet and anthropology all contributed in Ms Marmite Lover's theme for her next Underground Restaurant instalment on November 20th as she explains in Yurt (The English Can Cook, November 8).

Here's what she says about food choices while in Tibet and what you might expect if you decide to join her on November 20th:

"The food in Tibet was limited; tsampa (barley) and yak: yak butter, yak milk, yak yoghurt, yak meat, yak fat (I tried the latter by mistake, it was sold in markets as white dusty cubes threaded through with a string, I thought it was marshmallows). Most of Tibet is between 4000 and 5000 metres, above the tree line, so there are few vegetables. In hotel rooms you were given a large tin painted thermos full of hot water for your tea and pot noodles imported from China. The other great Tibetan dish, when you could find it, was momos, a crescent shaped dumpling, filled with meat or vegetables and steamed.Tibetan tea with salt and butter will be served, along with the delicious oolongs from Jingtea (my latest addiction). A Mongolian hot pot will also be on the menu."

This upcoming Tibetan-Mongolian themed dinner takes place in Highgate, North London.

You can book your seat via WeGotTickets, £66.00 per person (if any are left).


Feel free to dress tibetan, nomadic style.

Dinner in a different kitchen.

(* Yurt photo above by Kerstin Rodgers)
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