Wine Tiles, Build Your Wine Label Wall of Fame

Customization is a big thing.

When it comes to kitchen, the big splurge might be in appliances, cabinets, lightning.

I once saw a collage art piece made with wine foils.

Here's a more down to earth option.

Looking at the varied choices of custom titles offered by Filmore Clark for the kitchen, I fell in love with the Wine Tiles or 'Tasting Kitchen' as they call them from Tempest Tileworks.


Will you stick with a limited number of classic labels interspered with plain tiles or go all out?

That's your call.

The price tag and the practical fact that you might not want to turn the 'tilework' in a rotating art project will help you decide.

It is worth noting that these "wine tags can be customized with that special vintage or choose from their catalogue of exquisite wine labels. Each is silk screened and hand inked with your choice of color accents."

Located in West Hollywood, California, Filmore Clark sells only Artisan Tiles made in the USA.

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