Suzuki for Sashimi, Or is it Mulloway

It all started with A Fish Called Mulloway by Carli Ratcliff (Hunter Gatherer, November 9).

Australians call it Mulloway or Jewfish while in South Africa it sometimes goes by the name dusky Kob.

Clean Seas has the Mulloway Story and shares the best use for different cuts (on page 3).

Suzuki Mulloway or Suzuki is how it is known in Japan.

Japanese chefs prize its translucent flesh for Sashimi dishes.

The Shizuoka Gourmet in Seasonal Fishes 8: Suzuki/Seabass (Shizuoka Sushi) tells us about some of his favorite Suzuki dishes including the Simple Sashimi below.


Belly Filet and Shoulder Portion are best bets for Sashimi according to Clean Seas.

A turkey free Tokyo Thursdays #167

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(* Sashimi photo by Shizuoka Gourmet)

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