Respect the Meal, the Moment and One Another, Francis Mallman Words to the Wise

I am late to the party discovering Seven Fires (Artisan) by Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann as the book was published in 2009.

In internet days, a year is an eternity yet compared to centuries it took to shape Francis Mallmann's native Patagonia, it is not much.

I like a chef who is not afraid to use the word 'Burnt' to name his dishes.

One of the things that touched me most about his book is this closing sentence:

"When it comes time to sit down to eat, it doesn't matter to me how people dress or speak, how they look or sound or even smell. They're all beaufiful if they share one simple quality: respect for the meal, the moment, and one another-those who cook, those who serve, and those who eat. Such people are always welcome at my table."

Wise words worth remembering as the end of year holidays are fast approaching (and anytime we set foot in somebody's house or a restaurant).


Find out more about the cook and the man in this June 2009 Q & A With Francis Mallmann by Rebecca of From Argentina with Love.

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