Real French Snails, Escargots from Cornouaille, Organic to Boot

To the chagrin of many French foodies, in most cases escargots (snails), bought in shops or served in restaurants come from Eastern Europe not Burgundy.


You can still find some local French escargots producers.

They are showcased by ASPERSA, a French association which also lists markets and other events where their delicacies can be purchased.

One of them, L'Escargot du Pays de Cornouaille run by Sylvie Lamouric and Richard Bonnefondis is organic to boot (product display, photo above).

One thing visitors to Brittany frequently complain is that there is too much rain. It turns out to be an asset for 'escargots' farms.

(* Please note that Escargot du pays de Cornouaille and ASPERSA websites are in French only)

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