Put on your Bread Shoes, A Praspaliauskas Production

I started down the Baked Goods as Art road courtesy of Grand Designs on Food (Phaidon Agenda, November 24), made a stop at Dezeen Design Maagazine which led me to the home of DADADA Studio from Vilnius (Lithuania).

As part of their Christmas Sale, they offer the unwearable Bread Shoes by fellow Lithuanians, twin brothers R and E Praspaliauskas.


The brothers share on their very own Mother Eleganza another (not for sale) creation, Post Punk Cookies (blades and all).

Unedible edibles, Humor you can't eat.

I doubt you will find anything close to these if you join the hordes for some Black Friday shopping.

(* Bread Shoes photo from the pages of Dadada's Xmas Sale)

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