Moon and Sake Over Hawaii, Moon Viewing Party, November 19, Hawaii Loa Ridge

Is it an Hawaian thing to have moon-viewing parties in private clubs?

I don't think this happens at neighboring clubs in my corner of New Jersey.

Here is the program:

"The International Sake Association (Kokusai Sake Kai) invites you to attend its 22nd annual "Tsukimi" (Moon-Viewing Party).  Event is held at the Hawaii Loa Ridge Club, offering a grand vista view of Oahu's southern coastline out to Koko Head.

Featured sakes include Gokugetsu (Moon Master), Kachogesseki (Flower, Bird, Moon, Rock), Yumetsukiyo (Dream Moon Night), Ugo no Tsuki (Moon After the Rain) and Gassan (Snow on Moon Mountain)."


Buffet prepared by chef Shuji Abe includes:

Oden Pot with Eight Different Ingredients
Deep Fry Station for Kurobuta Pork Skewers
Soft Organic Tofu with Condiments
Korean-style Vegetable Medley
Chef Abe's Special Salad
Poached Squid with Citrus Zest
Flavors of Fall Nimono
Shoyu and Ginger Braised Pork
Chestnut Steamed Rice

Are people sitting outside on lawn chairs to better take in the view?

Is it a Bring Your Own Blanket (BYOB) evening?

Enlighten me!

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