Honey by Sting and Trudie from their Slice of Heaven in Tuscany, il Palagio

Almost 4 years ago in A Sting Operation..Or rather Trudy's...Yoga...Rest and Relax...Il Palagio (Tuscany), I mentioned Sting and his wife Trudy slice of Heaven in Tuscany.

What was then a work in progress, only opened to the lucky few, then started bearing fruit.

Like any self respecting English man and woman, they are pressing olive oil.

Nothing could be more appropriate than a Sting producing honey to sweeten the pot whether i's Acacia, Chestnut or Honeydew flavored.

as Trudie Styler mentions 10% of the profits goes to environmental charities.

An Englishman (and woman) in Tuscany.

Down on the farm with the stars for Green Day # 152

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Apologies, A Glitch Now Fixed Caused Serge the Concierge To Look Out of Whack

Nov 8
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