Everything but Chocolate IV, Chocolate Research Facility in Singapore

You would think that a week after the NY Chocolate Show, I am ready to take a leave of abscence on the topic of chocolate but I turn around and discover yet another chocolate I have not tasted yet.

In the case of Chocolate Research Facility, more than a shop, it is a celebration of flavors, creativity, turning chocolate into an object of love.

Imagine, Chocolate Bars in 100 different flavors, one place.

Unfortunately, Chocolate Research Facility was not present at the NY Chocolate Show.


A trip to Singapore (Millenia Walk) where they are located would be necessary to experience it first hand.

They are opened daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM if you are in the neighborhood.

Seems like they have everything but chocolate IV's.

I spotted them thanks to Choc Tactics by Mark C O'Flaherty (How to Spend it).

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