Doc Martens At 50, Break Them, Love Them, From Working Class to Fashionable

Long before Timberland got famous with the in crowd, Doc Martens ruled.

These boots were first chosen by UK' working class guys, policemen, postmen and the like for their ruggedness. Skinheads followed then musicians. Pete Townsend paired them with his white jumpsuit.

Punk bands (The Clash) and Ska contingent (Madness) in late 76's were next wave.

Now it seems that models and It girls have taken to wearing Doc Martens as well.

Chefs like Paula Kinoshita at The Old Hotel in Twin Bridges (Montana) adopted them for the rough and tumble of the kitchen.

To honor its musical roots Dr. Martens released a 50th Anniversary Album (free download).

They also put together, a 9 minutes mini documentary video (below).


This iconic brand actually turned 50 in April 2010.

On November 3, 2010, Sarfraz Manzoor Tells the Doc Martens Story in 30 minutes on BBC 4.

Doc Martens, break them, love them!

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