Casa Italia Atletica 'Taste and Beauty' Marathon Reaches NY on Eve of NY Marathon

Sport and gourmet food unite under the banner of Casa Italia Atletica.

I missed the rest of their worldwide 'Taste and Beauty' marathon:

The first stop was the Marathon in Madrid (April 22-24), while the second was the European Championship in Barcelona  (July 26 – August 1 ) and now the third and final phase, the New York Marathon. All three initiatives are a way to promote Italian products and cultural traditions while linking them to a healthy Mediterranean diet and promoting  Italian terriority.


On November 4th they offered sports travel seminars.

On Friday, November 5th, food and wine will be on the agenda. I will be attending.

What will we be exposed to? Here's what the plan is:

"Entitled “The Italy that still runs - genuine passion”, will be held on Friday, November 5.and will be hosted by the illustrious Fred Plotkin, a journalist and an author who is quite well versed in everything Italian. Plotkin is knowledgeable about all things related to Italian wine and food thanks to  his many travels and trips to the country. He also resides in Italy part of the year. He has written “Italy for the Gourmet traveler” and “The Authentic Pasta Book” as well as many other books on Italian food and wine.

For this occasion, Pasquale Di Lena has written a book called, “The Italy that still runs - genuine passion”, which will be distributed in New York in order to promote healthy living and diet."

Other than the government entities, partners mentioned for this effort are "Fontana di Papa, Asics and Mondo as well as a variety of Italian regions such as Molise, the region and the city of Reggio Calabria, the autonomous region Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as the provinces of  Ascoli Piceno and Siena."

Will we all get a new pair of sneakers courtesy of Asics?

File under 'mediterranean diet'?

(*illustration from Casa Italia Atletica website, Italian only, no English version)

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