Armagnac Friday, 49th Best of Armagnac Awards in Eauze, November 26

Why Armagnac Friday?

On November 26, the town of Eauze hosted the 49th Concours des Grandes Eaux-de-Vie d'Armagnac which I shortened to 49th Best of Armagnac Awards

For this 2010/2011 edition, producers, technical experts and the best noses in the field had the hard task of working their way through 113 eaux-de-vie d'Armagnac divided in 6 categories:

- Blanche Armagnac
- Armagnacs with at least 4 years of aging (VSOP),
- Armagnacs (Hors d'Age) 10 to 19 ans of aging,
- Armagnacs (Hors d'Age) 20 ans aging or more
- Millésimes (Vintages) from 1981 to 1990
- Millésimes (Vintages) from 1991 to 2000


And the winners are, most of them at least

Blanche Armagnac

Gold Medal : Blanche des Cassagnoles - Domaine des Cassagnoles in Gondrin
Silver Medal : Fine Blanche - Château Arton in Lectoure
 tied with Blanche Armagnac - Domaine de Pujo in Larée

Armagnac V.S.O.P

Gold Medal : VSOP - Clés des Ducs in Panjas
tied with VSOP - Armagnac Lafontan in Nogaro
Silver Medal : VSOP - Domaine de la Haille in Montréal du Gers
tied with La Réserve - Château Arton in Lectoure

Armagnac Hors d’Age 10 à 19 ans

Gold Medal :

Hors d’Age – Armagnac de Loyac in Condom
Hors d’Age 15 years - Château du Busca in Mansencôme

Silver Medal :

15 years - Armagnac Sempé in Villeneuve de Marsan

Armagnac Hors d’Age 20 ans and over

Gold Medal :

Ténarèze 21 years - Armagnac Larressingle in Condom
Hors d’âge 20 years - Armagnac Marcel Trépout in Vic-Fezensac

What a day it must have been for the judges, who needs Black Friday?

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