Wordstock, 4 Days of Passionate Discussions, Books and Authors, Portland, Oregon, October 7-10

This Literary Festival in the Pacific Nothwest had not caught my attention until today.

For 4 days, Wordstock allows passionate discussions on the future of words and showcases books and authors (they still exist) not to forget plays and a VIP dinner.


It offers different things to different crowds.

Book lovers will be happy with just the Book Fair on October 9 and 10 ($7 for one day, $10 for two).

Aspiring writers and those with works in progress might want to sign up for some of the workshops over the week-end (October 9-10).

Teachers and kids are also offered their own menus.

As for the authors, not many celebrities on the Long List (at least they are not famous to me).

I noted Cecil Castellucci who writes books for young adults and Arianne Cohen, editor of The Sex Diaries at New York Magazine, many poets as well.

Interested in 2, 3 or 4 Days of Wordstock, go ahead, purchase your tickets and fire up your brain in Portland, Oregon this week.

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