Wine and Sex Get French Treatment for Vendredis du Vin, October 29, 2010

French people like to discuss (sometimes argue about) any number of topics whether it leads to strikes or not.

The moral authority behind Les Vendredis du Vin (Wine Fridays), Iris Rutz-Rudel warns us that it could have been worse.

This 30th edition of Les Vendredis du Vin invites bloggers who can share their thoughts in the language of love (French) to explore how and where Vin et Sexe ('Wine and Sex') whisper Let's Stay Together...

Will the outcome be more Bacchus, La Grande Bouffe or Poetry?

Maybe all of the above.


People have been writing entire books around this confluence between wine and sex.

On a more historical footing, Segolene Lefevre with Les Femmes et l'amour du vin 'Women and the love of wine' (my illustration, Feret) looked at  women's relationship to wine, from courtisanes to nuns.

In the English speaking blogosphere, Alder of Vinography contributed his analysis in Wine and Sex: The Ultimate Pairing? (June 2010).

For a feminine view, Kathtryn Borel, author of Corked (Hachette Group, Febr.2010) notes  How Men are Like Wine in an interview for Single-ish (Glamour, March 2010).

Will I brush up on my French and join the Vendredis du Vin fray on October 29? We shall see.

Is Gainsbourg 'Love on the beat' part of the soundtrack?

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