Pour Red Wine in your Soup Bowl and Lap it Up, Time for a Chabrot Revival

Want to be authentic, rootsy, rustic, here's a simple way to prove it, Chabrot.

In France, Faire Chabrot consist in pouring some red wine in your soup bowl as you are about to be done.

Raise your bowl to your lips and lap it up.


Ariane Daguin of d'Artagnan notes that it is one of her favorite table sports in Brave New World of Wine...I found out as I was preparing and interview with Mark Oldman, the book author who wants us to 'drink bravely'...

It used to be popular in the countryside.

Only person I saw perform Chabrot in my lifetime was my paternal grandfather.

Jack and Joanne of Fork and Bottle practiced Chabrot with a Garbure-Duck Soup recipe in July 2008.

Don't try this in restaurants!

(*illustration from old style French site Chapichabrot which celebrates this ancient custom)

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