Natural Wine Comes to Buttes Chaumont, 60 Winemakers, 5 Euros, Paris, November 8

The Association Des Vins Naturels (AVN) is a band of brothers (and sisters) looking at being green beyond the vine as their 'manifesto' states:

"While the association may discourage the use of sulfur, the exclusion of sulfur does not sum up the entirety of natural winemaking. The terms "natural wine" and "natural winemaking" have become buzzwords, and are used in many different arenas to describe winemaking. For us, however, these terms correspond to a precise definition of not only a working vineyard and winery, but also the global ethic of the winemaker.

The major difference between our association and others that regulate organic farming is that we follow and validate everything a winemaker does in the vines, cellar, and in management of waste and energy. We are concerned with far more than the organic cultivation of well planted and farmed vines."

60 winemakers bring Natural Wine to the Buttes-Chaumont in Paris for the AVN first tasting on November 8, 2010.

Event is open to the public. All you need to bring is 5 Euros in Cash and you are ready to go and you will be able to sip your way through some 150 wines.


Even though their logo could suggest that they believe in passing the bottle around, I am sure glasses will be available.

(* Only parts of the AVN site are in English)

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