Helsinki Serves Wine Food and Good Living, Book Fair and Music Fair, 3 for Price of 1, October 28-31

Maybe our friends in Finland are onto something.

Over 3 days, they combine 3 events under the same roof, the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre.

They are Wine, Food and Good Living (you guess what it's all about), Helsinki Book Fair celebrating its 10th anniversary under the banner 'an event of 1000 tales' and last Mussiikki (a music fair).


One ticket gives you access to all 3.

Can't we all read, listen to music while sipping some wine with a quick bite?

I am not sure if they let you walk around with your glass or your food bites and wander around from one event to the other.

Opening Hours:

All 4 Days (October 28 to October 31, 2010) from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Adults €13
Children (7–15 years), pensioners, conscripts, students €9 / person
Group ticket (at least 10 persons) €9 person
Family ticket (max. 2 adults and children under the age of 16) €28 
Under 7-year-olds free of charge
Under 12-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult

Admission tickets are available at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre during the opening hours of the event, or in advance from Lippupalvelu.

Entrance to the wine area only for people over 18 years.

Sorry I cannot share more details. The English version of the sites are short on specifics. I know there is a French pavillion at the Wine & Food Fair.

Traveling to Helsinki at one time or another, check Calendar of Events from Helsinki this Week for a quick glance.

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