Debate Rages in South Korea, How Many Octopus Heads Is It Safe To Eat?

I like calamari stuffed, marinated, grilled, fried.

Pasta with squid's ink sauce is fine with me.

I have never seen anyone eating octopus heads nor have i tried this feat.

The Independent quotes a Reuters story noting South Korean warning on eating octopus heads (October 22, 2010) which they say is a popular dish in South Korea because of its supposed aphrodisiac powers.

Reuters then informs us that the authorities in Seoul created an uproar when they warned that eating octopus heads could lead to cancer risks.

The debate has been brewing in South Korea for a while.

On September 14, Arirang News quoted by The Chosunilbo warned  in Poisonous Cadmium Found in Octopus Heads that "domestic octopuses had up to 31 mg of the poisonous metal concentrated in each head. Cadmium is a carcinogen that also poisons the liver and kidneys. Officials suggest completely removing any residual ink and internal organs before eating octopus heads."

People the world over have head a complex relationship with these creatures.

Mark Bittman tackled the issue in Octopus Demystified back in 1999 for The Splendid Table...

He suggested The Octopus Garden in Brooklyn as one of the most reliable sources for your Squid needs.


Vincent Cutrone, the owner of The Octopus Garden proves it above.

(* Vincent Cutrone's picture from the company's history page)

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