Dancing Goblins to B Monsters, 10 Halloween Stories for Halloween 2010

With Halloween 2010 upon us, I think a Recap of My Halloween Stories for this Vintage is in order.

In Derry (or Londonderry) you can catch the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival.

Also in the UK, Scary Monsters and Supercakes, Eat Your Heart Out, London, October 28-31 highlights first 18 and over Pop Up cake shop.

London Chocolatier William Curley sticks to family friendly fare as I note in Ghoulies and Chocolate Pumpkin, Will I be Tricked Into Buying One this Halloween...

I fly over to Japan for my next stop with Ghost Stories, Dancing Goblin, Tengumai where Halloween And Sake meet.

Feel like a Punky Art Party, 33 Idols Party, Halloween in Tokyo with Dead Kennedys Flavor, Superdeluxe, October 31 it's not too late to join them...

Heard these stories about poets gone mad, B Monster and Black Fairy Come Alive on Halloween 2010, A Taste for Absinthe, cocktails for the grown ups.

Want to make your own goodies, Bake Then Bite These Monster Eyeballs From House of Ghoulish Goodies is there for you.


I round up my goodie bag with 3 Halloween Stories from 2009.

One for wine buffs 2007 Calaveras County River of Skulls, More Bones for Halloween and Wine 09, bleeding grapes.

Tunes in tune with the holiday, Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus, Songs for Halloween will do.

Back by popular demand is Spooky like Cupcakes for Halloween from London to Washington DC a hit these past few days.

Happy Halloween 2010!

(* illustration by way of Evilcakes )

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