Wine Glass Is the Bottle with Froglet Single Serve 'Cup-A-Wine' by James Nash

It might not be everyone's idea of proper wine serving and etiquette yet Froglet Single Serve 'Cup-A-Wine' by James Nash has been a retail success since Marks & Spencer started selling it.


As you can see from photo above, in that concept glass is the bottle.

Glass is a plastic one, not perfect for our 'green' credentials.

Fake plastic fish wrote that In Hell, they drink Le Froglet wine in individual plastic wine glasses (June 16).

Sealed top brings to mind yogurts rather than wine.

As for how the wine tastes in its review of Froglet 5 Magazine quotes an anonymous wine blogger take:

“It was horrendous. Not balanced at all. Very rough on the palate, not helped by the (abrasive) glass. I took a couple of sips and threw it down the sink. It is hands down the worst ever glass of wine I have ever drunk.”

Even with all its negatives, the format might be appealing for outdoors events.

Since this 'innovation' generated a good amount of buzz in June 2010 (I am late to the party) has anyone emulated it while sourcing good juice?

Not for purists!

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